Music is language

Loki finds herself at the end of the world

Looking at nothing

Wondering about the good and the bad,

and what's that in the middle

Wondering about love and stoned,

and how to be - or not to be

Wondering about thoughts,

and who they belong to

Wondering about melodies,

and where they come from ...

The end of the world turned out to have a pretty awesome view

and so she called it the beginning

The beginning of Nowhere

A place where one can free oneself using music as energy

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Everyday a story

Hair man

Speak between us

My walking friend 

U see faces in the wood-eye

And think 

-to much

Behind the ears we talk in riddles 

And see us sitting under the dark

-to dark -eyed

It had its eye upon us, before

we lived in this love

We contemplate

To fill the day

My walking friend

Never stops talking

About the wide -eyed

About the wide -eyed

I got so attached 

To my friend  

Who claims to be alone

While in many

we see us


I wish to know what u want

U block the road to rest

You block the eyes to see

polished stones for what they are


They have been here 

before us

They were stones 

before u

Making patterns

Like the symbols in my carpet

speaks between the times

the tales of stones

make a mirror


Took me like a dream

Felt like falling

No time in lavaland

Daylight’s calling

Nightly secrets

My mind unlocks

The chambers of lavaland

I move, 

No luck..

What did the heat try to tell me

I don’t remember 

Waking up had become a daily thing

Litlle friend

Little friend

In your little house

It’s quite a view 

There, under ground

Where roots grow wicked 

And rain has drowned

You hear us walking

In marching sound

Write us a letter

In sand and tree

So we can smell

What we can’t see

Cause from below

There is no god

Only truth 

Clean as mud

One day we’ll smell

What we can’t see 

Until then 

Just let us,

let us be

Life is a horse

I do not Dislike horses

I just would not particularly would fall in love with them,

ride them,

or brush them with a special Horse brush,

while i tell them 

“It’s all gonna be okay”

Because it’s not

It’s either great

Or the worse - A Horse 

Is a saddle,

where I sit on

And i’m sad.

A sad  sitter

I don’t know how to ride a horse

It goes up and down and up and down

I cannot tell him, 

it’s all gonna be fine

Because it’s not. Life's a Horse

No Judgement




Says the judge

To the man

Who killed the girl

That killed her cat

Who killed The rat

That ate the world


I wonder about a lot of things

There is no time for me doing the dishes in the kitchen of a good

vegetarian restaurant for minimum pay wage.

For I am wondering,     at least 

A few hours a day. A few dreams at night

I do wonder about me wondering so much

I don’t like doing the dishes, just like the others

So I don’t worry about that to much

I wonder about stuff; Atoms.

Small stones; like sand.
If a sheep identifies itself being one

Sometimes. Sometimes

It makes me feel odd.

Then I wonder; why that is so

Stevie wondered to. 

Then I smile

It’s been a while…


Get me wrong

I smiled in a picture

I was not, “sight seeing”

I liked him. And he loved me

So I killed him. That be so

He killed all my,   too.

Wrote a song about that

I was not, “Singing about love”

For, i am not ‘like them’

Wearing hats & growing beards on heads

It takes a day, restless,

as once in love, I put pen to paper.

I was not, “feeling bad”

The killings comes natural…

A poem. Later

A song; for life

Loki Pussycat '95

I am LOKI pussy-cat’95! My whiskers fly

The lady asks me for my name. 

I tell her more

In vain. In vain. 

I tell her more

I have no answers

I just feel. A lot.

I stumble,

over my own mind

Which is a closet

For the ‘unworn’ and dusty fellas - that all took it too personal,

a while ago

The closet is a blanked

Is a cloud 

But today; in 2019.

All clouds have personalities

And I should identify 

Brand me up

It pays the bill; “nothing left to lose”, says the lady with my name

I couldn’t care less, being in love

with all the thoughts I treat myself

one day, I’ll vanish 

To dust-like mind

Till then, i’m LOKI pussy-cat’95.

My whiskers fly.